Who we are

Who We Are

NumbersOnline offers you the world at your fingertips,
whenever you need it.

Optimize your processes and boost your revenue with NumbersOnline!

NumbersOnline is a real time platform, powered by TelServ, that delivers numbers in 145+ countries. This highly innovative platform is built on compliance guarantees and anti fraud capabilities to support your business globally!

Be in full control and serve your customers 24/7. With instant processing of your request, you will increase customer satisfaction, optimize your processes and boost revenues.

The Management Dashboard provides you with accurate management information and enables you to monitor and report on real time data.

Awesome features

Worldwide coverage

We have a complete and worldwide infrastructure at our disposal. We have interconnects with incumbents or local Telcos in most of the 145+ countries we offer. This makes NumbersOnline the supplier with the largest footprint of countries. This enables you to receive telephone/voice traffic from anywhere and deliver it to anywhere you want. Although we already have an extensive network, we keep looking to expand our available countries, the available cities in a country and to excel in our performance. For example, in Switzerland we are a fully licensed operator.

You're in control

You’re in control. You decide which numbers you want, and you buy them on the spot. As they are already available, you can activate them instantly. Decide yourself where to route the numbers to, and re-route them if needed. Add you clients as you go, and create user accounts for them. And if you would need to close a number, disable an account or remove a client, that’s just as easy. Moreover, we also added some useful reporting and monitoring features.

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